Supo Caster Wheel
Provided range of Caster Wheels is used as integral part of hospital bed, industrial trolleys and furniture. Made of non toxic grade materials, these wheels ensure trouble free movement of heavy duty furniture, trolley etc.
Heavy Duty Caster Wheel
Heavy Duty Castor Wheels provided by us can be accessed in different raw material choice, diameter, strength and load bearing capacity based choices. Long lasting quality and low maintenance design are some of their main aspects.
Medium Duty Caster Wheels
Medium Duty Caster Wheels offered by us can be used at maximum 80 degree C temperature. These are shock proof and can endure high impact. Rust proof design, double ball bearing based structure and galvanized surface are some of their key aspects.
Low Height & Medium Duty Caster Wheels
Low Height & Medium Duty Caster Wheels have been developed from nylon. These can bear maximum 250 kg load. Smooth movement, exact dimension, quality approved design and low maintenance charge are some of the key aspects of these wheels.
Pneumatic Rubber Caster Wheel
Pneumatic Rubber Caster Wheels are used for smooth movement of industrial trolleys. With having maximum 100 kg load bearing capacity, these rubber accessories are appreciated for their precise dimension and long lasting surface finish.
Heavy Duty Polyurethane Caster Wheels
Polyurethane Caster Wheels Heavy Duty are offered in 45 mm to 68 mm diameter range. These low maintenance wheels are acknowledged for their ease of maintenance, long lasting quality and smooth performance.
Nylon Caster Wheel

Nylon caster wheel is mostly utilised in the automotive and packaging industries. It is also used for stainless steel containers or gear like lab equipment, that is typically left in a stationary position. Nylon caster wheel are very affordable, have high load capacities, great wear and tear resistance.

Natural Rubber Wheels
Natural Rubber Wheels provided by us are acknowledged for their creep proof design, resilient quality and ASTM approved quality. These wheels are offered in 25 mm to 75 mm dimension range.
Ball Caster Wheel
Ball Caster Wheels provided by us can be availed in maximum 300 mm dimension. These caster wheels can withstand up to 140 kg load. Being wear and abrasion proof, these have long working life.
Heavy Duty Polypropylene Wheels
Heavy Duty Polypropylene Wheels are suitable for industrial trolleys and equipments needed for carrying heavy load. These wheels are high temperature proof and shock protected. Low maintenance cost is one of their key aspects.
Hi-Temperature Caster Wheal
High Temperature Caster Wheels can be used at up to 550 degree F temperature without any deformation in their design.  These wheels have 85 D shore hardness and their loading height is maximum 190.
Medium Duty Polyurethane Wheels
Polyurethane Wheels Medium Duty are acknowledged for their wear proof quality, noise free movement and maximum 155 loading height. Load bearing capacity of these wheels is maximum 142. High flexibility is one of their key aspects.
Furniture Casters
Furniture Casters provided by us are reckoned for their maximum 93 loading height and up to 45 loading capacity. Good shock absorption performance and high temperature proof design are their key aspects.
Extra Heavy Duty Nylon Wheels
Extra heavy duty nylon wheels are excellent for use on larger vehicles because they are also very wide. They give a comfortable, cushioned ride, good flat spot resistance, and the capacity to get around small pieces of floor debris and impediments.
Medical Caster

Medical casters are normally constructed from durable materials that can resist repeated sterilisation and are intended to give patients who are being transported in wheelchairs or other medical equipment a comfortable, secure trip. Medical casters are utilised for items like hospital beds, equipment carts etc.

Polyurethane Caster Wheels

Polyurethane caster wheels are perfect for usage in commercial and industrial settings where wheels need to be able to survive heavy use and severe environments. They are not only noiseless, but they also cushion road jolts and shocks.

Trolley Wheels

Trolley wheels give the cart the support and movement it needs. These are made specifically for certain uses, such those used on hospital carts. Trolley wheels transport goods and luggage easily and smooth. Our offerings are used in supermarkets, airports, and train stations.

Light Duty Caster Wheels

Light duty caster wheels are usually sought in a number of applications. They are frequently used in office, medical, and furniture equipment. Light duty caster wheels come in a range of materials, including as rubber, nylon, and polyurethane.

High Temperature Wheels

High temperature wheels have strong and high melting point. These are perfect for applications requiring resistance to heat and abrasion. Castors and wheels made of nylon are utilised in the automotive and packaging industries. They are also frequently used for stainless steel containers or gear etc.  

Twin Wheel Chair Caster

Twin wheel chair casters are made up of two wheels attached to a single axle. This design adds stability and helps keep it from toppling over. Twin wheel chair casters are strong and highly durable. They can handle heavy loads and operate smoothly and quietly.

Medical Caster Wheel

Medical caster wheels are constructed from a hard, long-lasting substance that is perfect for usage on uneven or rough surfaces. They are ideal for usage in a range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and transportation, because they are made to offer traction and reduce sliding.  

Skidproof Polyurethane Wheels

Skidproof polyurethane wheels are incredibly robust and skid-resistant. They offer the advantages of rubber wheels. Skidproof polyurethane wheels offer far higher levels of resilience to wear and abrasion than rubber casters, which tend to lose tread pieces over time as they are utilised.

Polypropylene Caster Wheels

Polypropylene caster wheels is a type of support that enables anything to be moved while remaining stationary. The movement of heavy items is made possible by this combination. Polypropylene caster wheels are usually made of plastic or metal.

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